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Man of the Hour

Eddie Redmayne is…

Just five years ago, British actor Eddie Redmayne was a relative unknown on the Hollywood scene. Sure, he had had his fair share of acting projects but most – if not, all – of them were based in the UK, far away from the radar of Hollywood big wigs and an international audience. He did get his chance at starring in several US-produced films, though. However, those were low profile independently funded projects. At that time, his most notable project was perhaps The Yellow Handkerchief, an indie film also starring Kristen Stewart which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008.


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Ain't just a bombshell

From socialite Serena van der Woodsen to superhero Green Lantern’s lady love, Blake Lively has had her fair share of on-screen roles. Now, she’s gearing up for her best roles yet – motherhood and internet entrepreneur.

She is rich – wait, make that filthy rich. She hails from New York City’s affluent Upper East Side, after all. And let’s not forget just how spoilt she is, expecting everyone to be at her beck and call. As if that her childish behaviour is not enough, she can be manipulative too – plotting behind the backs of her high school friends for her...


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A gem of a 'Stone'

Beautiful and bubbly she may be, but a damsel in distress she is not.

Emma Stone’s character, Gwen Stacy in the mega-hit Spider-man franchise may have required saving by everyone’s favourite web-slinging superhero from time to time, but don’t let her famous onscreen persona fool you. In real life, this 27 year-old Arizona native is no princess waiting to be rescued by her Prince Charming.


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Small Girl, Big Personality

Standing at 5’1”, actress Kristen Bell is one petite lady. But what this 34-year-old lacks in stature, she more than makes up for it with her big personality.

Whether she is capturing hearts with her critically-acclaimed performance as crime-solving anti-heroine Veronica Mars in the hit series of the same name, romancing Hollywood heartthrob Josh Duhamel in the romance comedy When in Rome or terrifying audiences as a super power-wielding sociopath in Heroes, Kristen Bell’s petite frame is evident, especially when standing opposite her much taller co-stars. But don’t let her small stature fool you. This Californian darling’s size belies a...


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Ask Pharmacist

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Cherish Philip      4/16/2015 9:04:28 AM
Hi there, I'm from a local PR Agency, and have a press release to submit on behalf of our client, MHTC (Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council). They recently bagged the award of 'Destination of the Year' for Medical Tourism by the International Medical Travel Journal in London on April 15th. I was hoping that someone could direct me to the person in charge for me to submit this press release to. As this is time sensitive, I would greatly appreciate your prompt reply.Many thanks! Submitted By: Cherish Philip

fazi      12/20/2014 7:04:34 PM
hello, can i know which supplement containing phosphatidyl choline is best?tq Submitted By: fazi

Vivian      12/19/2014 1:56:38 PM
Hi, We have a press conference for Mr. Isagenix Event: Body duilding nutrition and health. Can we would like to cordially invite your editor to come for the press conference. May I have your editor's email address. Submitted By: Vivian

zhang jing      12/8/2014 8:51:13 PM
Dear Madam /Sir : As the largest exhibition and conference organizer in pharmaceutical and medical health field in China,Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Co.,Ltd (RSE)first introduces tHIS (The Health Industry Summit is the new umbrella global Pharmaceutical and Medical industry event in Asia, the world’s fastest growing health market). It brings together CMEF, PharmChina and API China&Sinophex&Pharmpack in one place at the same time, providing comprehensive coverage of the health industry. tHIS will be Held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (ShangHai) in May 2015.with Exhibiting260,000 sqm Over 6,000 Exhibitors 150,000 professional Visitors Over 100 Conferences We, sincerely, hope you can be one of our media partners and in order to build up close business relationship with us to get the mutual benefit from this mega event, we may offer you E-blast Exchange log/banner Massive database Special mention of “International Media Partners” in specific RSE show website and pr

elawanti      11/13/2014 10:37:32 PM
my toe has become darker due to diabetes. how can i avoid getting gangrene. Submitted By: elawanti

indra      10/6/2014 9:56:32 AM
hot water bottle defect scalded my aunties back,the pharmacist rude when enquiries made sek 13 giant Submitted By: indra

uma      8/26/2014 3:05:45 PM
Im suffering gasyrict.its in the high level.wat i should to cure tis Submitted By: uma

uma      8/26/2014 3:04:19 PM
Im suffering gasyrict.its in the high level.wat i should to cure tis Submitted By: uma

Justin      8/25/2014 4:57:32 PM
We are newly married . I'm 40 and my wife is 38. We're generally healthy but worry what we need to be aware of in terms of pregnancy. As a husband, I know that her best time for pregnancy is over. Please advice us dos and donts. Submitted By: Justin

Eugene Lee      8/16/2014 9:39:56 AM
Dear Pharmacist, My family tends to have sinus which leads to cough and sore throat frequently. I am not sure if it is due to the weather or hereditary. I was told that consumption of manuka honey reduces such symptoms for my kids. How accurate and reliable is this? Then with several brands and classifications of manuka honey how do we differentiate the strength and authenticity ? I have read about adulterated manuka honey which consist of blend or kanuka. Submitted By: Eugene Lee

Must I stop consuming rice if I want to be thin?

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