How to Lose Weight (Without Gaining It Back)

Lost weight has a nasty habit of sneaking back up on you if you aren’t careful!

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When Fasting Hurts

People with gastritis and peptic ulcers have to fast with extra care, as their stomach acid levels may cause painful problems.

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Sowing the Seeds of Hope

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, think of what could go right.”

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The Wisdom Tooth Dilemma

Thinking of removing your wisdom tooth but terrified of subjecting yourself to oral surgery? Let us assure you – you will be fine!

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Say Goodbye to Trans Fat?

The use of trans fatty acids in processed foods will be a thing of the past for US residents in a few years. Will Malaysia follow suit?

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Are instant noodles all that bad?

Dietitian Dr Chee Huei Phing dishes on this food that has long been a Malaysian staple.

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