Going Green, Baby! (Part 2)

Dietitian Edna Loh rounds up the dietary needs and challenges of vegans and vegetarians in the second part of this special feature.

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Replace your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

An oral maxillofacial surgeon gives us the lowdown on dental implants – how it compares to other options and whether it’s suitable for everyone.

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Your Mom is Right. Eat Your Broccoli!

Well, not just broccoli. You should also eat cauliflower, mustard greens, broccoli sprouts, and brussels sprouts. These vegetables contain a helpful substance, sulforaphane.

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Shall we Tango?

When two pairs of left feet attempt the tango, they end up having a good time while getting a decent work out.

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When a Nosebleed May be Dangerous

At times we do wonder: can a nosebleed really be that dangerous? We decide to ask Dato’ Paduka Dr Balwant Singh Gendeh for the pesky details.

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Haunted Sleep

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) can turn your days and nights into a real-life horror movie.

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Beauty sleep – it works!

Sometimes, the best solution to your beauty woes could be the simplest. According to research, not getting enough sleep leads to redder eyes, heavier eyebags and more noticeable wrinkles. Conversely, ...

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A Plant that is Simply Di-Vine

We have all heard about poison ivy, which can cause rashes and allergic reactions with just one touch. There are beneficial kinds of ivy, however, such as the English ivy.

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From Infertility to Parenthood

If you are having difficulties conceiving, no one would know better than you do how much of an emotional roller coaster ride it could be. However, the fertility treatments nowadays have advanced to of...

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Go Ginkgo

We may have heard much about the greatness of ginkgo, but how much do we really know? And what does scientific research have to say?

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Healthy Living
  • October 2016

    Are instant noodles all that bad?

    Dietitian Dr Chee Huei Phing dishes on this food that has long been a Malaysian staple. [Read More]

    It’s Face Yoga Time!

    Doing face yoga every day can bring out the healthy sheen in your complexion! [Read More]

    A Hairy Situation

    You don’t have to lose sleep – and hair – over alopecia anymore. Consultant Dermatologist Dr Ruban Nathan offers possible solutions (that actually work) to your hair woes. [Read More]

    Colour the Blues Away

    Adult colouring books: are they really good for the mind and soul, or are they more hype than substance? [Read More]

    Healing with Horses

    There are therapeutic and medical benefits to horse riding, and to find out more, HealthToday speaks to the team behind Green Apple Hippotherapy. [Read More]

    ConvOSAtions on Snoring

    Anyone who has ever slept beside a snoring person can testify as to how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep. However, certain types of snoring could also be a warning sign that something ... [Read More]

    Leading By Example

    You may often hear your physician advise you to stay fit by eating healthy and exercising regularly. You may also wonder if your physician heeds his or her own advice. For the doctors who turned up fo... [Read More]

    It’s Still Healthy to Go Local

    Yes, it is true! With some changes, many of our local favourites do not have to be guilty pleasures anymore. [Read More]

    Food for the Heart

    This Valentine’s Day, why not forgo that restaurant reservation in favour of a heart-y home-cooked meal? After all, nothing says love like caring for your loved one’s health and wellbeing. [Read More]

    Fab or Fad?

    Is juicing all it is made up to be? Dietitian Ms Verona Lee spills the juice (pun intended) on this health trend. [Read More]

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