A Plant that is Simply Di-Vine

We have all heard about poison ivy, which can cause rashes and allergic reactions with just one touch. There are beneficial kinds of ivy, however, such as the English ivy.

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From Infertility to Parenthood

If you are having difficulties conceiving, no one would know better than you do how much of an emotional roller coaster ride it could be. However, the fertility treatments nowadays have advanced to of...

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Go Ginkgo

We may have heard much about the greatness of ginkgo, but how much do we really know? And what does scientific research have to say?

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A Dangerous Kind of Sleep

An ENT specialist weighs in on obstructive sleep apnoea, a condition that actually stops a person from breathing while asleep.

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The Best Shots In Life: Give Yourself the Best Shot

Stressed out? Looking for that work-life balance? Get a head start with our handy little guide.

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Healthy Living
  • October 2016

    I Just Can’t Lose Weight!

    Weight loss is never easy, but when things don’t seem to be working even after all our hard work, it can be most demoralizing. Don’t worry, though, there is always another option to consider: weight... [Read More]

    Stand Up & Move, People! Stand Up & Move, People!

    Sitting down is slowly killing you, and that’s no exaggeration. [Read More]

    Let Snoring Kill Your Romance!

    You can be the most romantic and understanding partner, but there may be one ‘silent’ factor that could damage your happy relationship: snoring [Read More]

    Wide Awake

    The idea of going under the knife, particularly when it involves a crucial organ such as the brain is daunting in itself. Now, imagine undergoing brain surgery while being wide awake. Terrified? You n... [Read More]

    The Other Side of the Story

    Last month, Dr Jean Graille addressed some common myths associated with palm oil. This month, he talks about the possible reasons as to why palm oil has such a bad reputation among certain quarters. [Read More]

    Enjoy Intimacy in the Golden Years

    Intimacy remains an important, enriching aspect of our lives, no matter how old we are. An advisor for the Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society shares four tips on how we can still enjoy acts of love with... [Read More]

    Healthy Herbs

    Herbs can spice up a meal, and they can also do our body a whole lot of good. Let’s take a look at some frequently-mentioned herbs and their benefits. [Read More]

    A Matter of Fats

    Fats and oils – friend or foe? Are saturated fats still the villains, or is it fine to consume them again? We sit sat down with chief dietitian Mary Easaw to get to the fats, er, facts. [Read More]

    ‘O’ is for Oats

    Oatmeal isn’t your thing? No worries, there’s more to oats than just oatmeal. [Read More]

    The Miracle of Garlic

    Garlic is emerging as a promising home remedy for good oral health. [Read More]

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