Don’t Sweat It

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition. A dermatologist tells us that, fortunately, there are many treatment options available.

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Health: Tips on diabetes management

World Diabetes Day falls on November 14 each year. In conjunction, our contributing writer, who is also a pharmacist, provides 10 practical tips on managing diabetes.

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Slowing the HFMD Epidemic

A paediatrician provides updates about the hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak and advises on how we can help to slow its spread.

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Let’s Talk about the Cantonese Cancer

Nasopharyngeal cancer is sometimes known at the Cantonese cancer because it affects a high number of people who originate from the southern Chinese area of Guangdong, formerly known as Canton.

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“Doctor, Make My Eyes Prettier.”

HealthToday talks with a plastic surgeon about one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in Asia: double eyelid surgery.

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OHHHH… Why Is the World Spinning?

Dato’ Paduka Dr Balwant Singh Gendeh talks about vertigo, conditions it is associated with and their treatments.

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

We all lose hair. On average, we lose about 100 hairs a day and that’s perfectly normal. But what happens when your locks start to thin and they don’t seem to be growing back?

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What are Your Screening Options?

We have seen how mutations in the gene can give rise to inheritable disorders. Now, let’s take a look at how genetic screening can help detect such disorders and prepare parents-to-be deal with any u...

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It’s (Not) All in the Genes…

We take a look at some of the common genetic and chromosomal disorders in our country today. And yes, they are two very different things. Read on to find out how.

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So, How’s the Head?

Migraine or headache? How can you tell the difference?

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The Unexpected Flu Car-rier

Just when you thought flu-proofing your home was enough to keep you and your family safe, think again. There’s another flu hotspot – and it’s none other than the family car!

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The Bare Bones of Arthritis

It is time to shed that belief that arthritis, especially osteoarthritis, is an “old people’s disease”. It affects people as young as 40. An orthopaedic surgeon offers more insight into this joint-...

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  • October 2016

    Give Your Nose a Break

    If your nose constantly gives you problems (stuffy nose, dry nose, etc), here are some tips that will help you pamper your nose and give it the TLC it needs. [Read More]

    Cold, Strep Throat or Tonsillitis?

    You wake up one morning with an agonizing sore throat. But what’s the cause behind your sore throat? [Read More]

    Good for the Brain

    Tocotrienol, a member of the vitamin E family, is good for the brain. We find out more from an expert on this subject matter. [Read More]

    Flu is Here? #HopeIDontGetSickAgain

    The flu is here to stay, and chances are, you know someone around you who has caught the flu bug. Have you taken your flu shot, though? [Read More]

    Get Well Soon

    Is your loved one down with the flu? Here are some ideas for a comforting gift basket! [Read More]

    "You want to stick a tube up my … where?”

    A consultant gastroenterologist sits down with HealthToday to create a fun quiz on the medical procedure called colonoscopy. Let’s see how well you know your stuff! [Read More]

    An Unquiet Mind

    Many people with schizophrenia continue to suffer from a lack of proper medical attention due to a poor understanding of the condition. We sit down with two experts on this matter. [Read More]

    Quenching Dry Hair

    Do you often wish you could trade that dry, tangled mess on your head for soft, luscious locks? Well, your wish could come true with these hair care tips! [Read More]

    Cataract Unclouded

    Every cloud has a silver lining – and that also applies to the clouding of the eyes’ natural lens, a condition known as cataract. Consultant Ophthalmologist Dr Shin Hoy Choong tells us about this si... [Read More]

    TLC for Your Tonsils

    Tonsils are the soft tissues you can see at the back of your throat, on the left and right sides. They help the body fight infection by filtering and trapping virus and bacteria. When children grow up... [Read More]

  • January 2016

    Diabetes Care – Part 1

    Living a healthy lifestyle is possible, even when you have diabetes. [Read More]

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