Overeating at Festivals

Overeating at Festivals

October 14, 2016 Return


I have high cholesterol levels, and I tend to eat a lot especially during the festive season. With the Raya celebrations around the corner, is there any way for me to limit my food intake?


According to the National Health Morbidity Survey (NHMS) findings released in 2015, the prevalence of high cholesterol levels is very high – almost 48% of Malaysian adults have high cholesterol levels. The prevalence has been increasing over the past decade. 

When you eat too much fatty foods, the cholesterol in these foods is absorbed into your bloodstream. When the cholesterol levels in the bloodstream become excessive, cholesterol starts accumulating on your blood vessels walls if nothing is done. 

If you eat too much of high-fat foods like fried foods but you still exercise, your body will burn the excessive fats. So, set aside more time to exercise a few hours after a heavy meal. 

Also, bring your friends along when you go out so you all can share the food. This way, you’re more likely to eat in moderation. Don’t eat like there’s no tomorrow! 

It is not necessary to leave out the foods that you love. Instead, discipline yourself to eat moderate portions and exercise regularly. That way, you can keep your cholesterol levels under control.

 Nurul Iliani Ahmad   Senior Nutritionist


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