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MAY 2013

Leading research-based biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca recently launched saxagliptin + metformin XR (extended-release). “With its novel mechanism of action and once-daily dosing convenience, saxagliptin + metformin XR can help type 2 diabetes [patients] adhere to treatment thereby enhancing blood glucose control and preventing or delaying complications,” said Professor Nancy Bohannon, director of Clinical Research at the Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program at St. Luke's Hospital in San Francisco, California, who was the guest of honor in the AstraZeneca media briefing held last March 11 at the Best Western Premiere F1 Hotel in Taguig City.

Saxagliptin + metformin XR works in four different ways to help control blood sugar: It decreases the amount of sugar absorbed from the gut; reduces the amount of sugar made by the liver; helps the body respond better to insulin; and helps the body make more insulin when eating. It can aid in improving key measures of glucose control, including glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), fasting blood sugar and post-prandial sugar levels.

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