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Compliance is Key

APRIL 2012

When it comes to managing chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol, compliance to maintenance medications is the key. But this can be difficult—a patient may be willing but unable to purchase the necessary medicines, resulting in treatment lapses. In response to this, Watsons Pharmacy launched the Philippines’ first Compliance Pack program a year and a half ago. Inspired by positive patient response, Watsons, now in partnership with Unilab, pushes the envelope further by re-launching it. With as much as 80 percent savings versus leading brands, convenient month-long supply packs, leaflets with tips on disease management, plus discounts on health devices and supplements from partner brands, the Compliance Pack is now more affordable, informative and rewarding than ever. “We are your partners…for better disease outcomes, for Filipinos to be healthy and stay healthy inside out,” says Lyle Morrell, Watsons health business unit director.

Watsons, represented by health controller Aida Lapez and health business unit director Lyle Morrell (right), partners with Unilab (left) to bring Filipinos a better, more affordable Compliance Pack.

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