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Staying healthy during Christmas


I really want to thank you for your December-January issue because of the way its many articles provided tips on how we can try to remain healthy during Christmas. I have to admit I’m a food lover—and Christmas is when, like many Filipinos, I really binge! By the time January comes along, my cholesterol levels have risen and I’ve put on a lot of extra pounds that are so hard to lose.

But your holiday issue helped me restrain myself a bit, with my family’s help. We tried out your recipes for a healthier Noche Buena. I took note of the delicious but “dangerous” foods to avoid, as described in your article “Holiday health risks” (page 50). It was tough, but I’m happy to tell you that, as a result of my trying to follow them, I didn’t put on as many pounds as I used to by the start of the year.

And that is something. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Michael Baldoz,
via Email

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