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Well-Being: A Priority


It’s been three years since I stopped working, since then I really gained weight and forgot to take care of myself and totally became losyang. I believe I’m pretty but since I’m morena, I admit I’ve always wanted to have a lighter complexion. But when I read your April issue featuring Lovi Poe on the cover, I was really inspired. Now I’m more proud to have Filipina skin and believe in my color. I know I can enhance my assets and be more beautiful. Right now, I’ve started to do some home exercise, am more conscious of what food to eat, and I’m really trying my best to bring back the old me. Your magazine helped me regain my confidence. I know one of these days I can achieve the look a’la Lovi, she's been my inspiration.

Thank you, HeathToday for being an instrument and a wake-up call for me. You are a blessing to everyone out there. God bless and more power.

JM Agustin-Duruin,
via HealthToday's Facebook page

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