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When I got my copy of HealthToday last July, I immediately turned to the page titled "Dengue Alert!" since I've seen so many cases of it these past few weeks, and have become more cautious. I’ve been urging my kids as well as the people in our household to do some precautionary measures, so we can all prevent being bitten by dengue-carrying mosquito. Another section was about the "good fat" or omega-3 fatty acids, since I have been looking for more reasons to convince my loved ones to take omega-3 supplements. The recipes, such as the oven-baked fries and the veggie spaghetti, were both excellent dishes for my kids during their tutor time in the afternoon.

Featuring Ms. Maricar Reyes prompted me to buy a couple of more copies to give to my relatives in the U.S. since she is an all-time favorite in my clan. She’s been an inspiration, and seeing her become more successful each day in her career as an actress and a model have made her an excellent choice to be this month's cover. Congratulations once again for making this month's issue most helpful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing wonderful articles on how my family can maintain good health.

Catherine Cua Gensolin,
San Juan City

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