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Deadly lung cancer still neglected by Filipinos despite high statistics


The Philippine Society of Medical Oncology (PSMO), in cooperation with the C-Network and Roche Philippines, initiated a campaign to increase awareness on lung cancer and expound on the new developments in screenings and therapies for the disease.

Lung cancer remains the deadliest type of cancer globally, with death rates greater than the combined rate for other types of cancer. According to GLOBOCAN 2008 results, lung cancer kills 80 percent of those diagnosed. Each year, over a million people die as a result of the disease. “Early diagnosis and treatment require timely presentation to the doctor. In order to achieve this, awareness needs to be raised significantly through government and healthcare professionals to alert people at risk of developing ... lung cancer,” stresses Dr. Dennis Ramon Tudtud, PSMO president. Most of the symptoms of lung cancer can be indicative of other illnesses or conditions. This means that symptoms are sometimes ignored, which results in neglect or very late diagnosis.


The following symptoms should not be disregarded:

persistent cough;

a change in a persistent cough;

shortness of breath;

coughing up phlegm (sputum) with signs of blood;

aches or pains when breathing or coughing;

loss of appetite;

fatigue; or

weight loss.

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