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Avoiding holiday health hassles


Holiday festivities often derail us from our health goals. But here are a few ideas from to minimize the physical and emotional damage that usually come with limitless fun.


  • Lessen the snacks. During holidays, the kilos gained are mainly due to snacks that lie around the house.

  • Eat fresh fruits instead of chocolates and nuts.

  • Plan a walk. Any physical activity is great, even a simple walk along quiet streets or public parks.

  • Don’t drink alcohol too early. Save it for later in the day, and remember to space alcoholic drinks with soft drinks or water, which allows your liver to catch up.

  • Watch your sugar intake. High sugar intake predisposes one to diseases like diabetes and obesity. It is even more dangerous coupled with holiday drinking sprees because too much sugar makes it harder for the liver to metabolize alcohol, causing the alcohol to remain in the system for a longer period.

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