Mommy stress busters

What makes a mother beautiful inside and out? 

MAY 2011


To beat stress and help you look fresh and radiant amid your motherly duties, Annalyn Capulong, psychology professor at the University of the Philippines in Diliman and a mother of two suggests the following:

PUT GOD (OR A HIGHER POWER) IN THE DETAILS. Regular attendance of a religious service, the consistent performance of spiritual rites, and/or meditation is advisable. This fuels your spirituality, encourages self-examination, and helps you reflect on your personal and family life. 

WRITE JOURNALS. While this may not work for everyone, those who have tried it have testified on the comforting and cathartic effect of journaling. Start by keeping a small notebook, where you can jot down important events in your life, or make entries of both unpleasant and pleasant moments. This could be an outlet to release tension, stress, and anxiety.

STAY HEALTHY AND FIT. Your home is your gym. Resistance training? Move furniture! Cardiovascular workout? Run up and down the stairs or put on that Santana album and dance like no one’s watching! Need a fitness buddy? Walk the dog! More importantly, eat healthy. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet to help your body detoxify.

REINVENT YOURSELF. Moms really have no excuse to look bad these days. Aside from practicing good personal hygiene, have a massage at least twice a month; update your look with affordable clothes and fashion accessories from bazaars or the ever-trusty Divisoria; or sport a new hairstyle every now and then. 

“I dress and accessorize well even just to fetch my son from school. When I look good physically, psychologically I feel good as well,” Capulong says. 

BE INTERESTING. Read non-work-related publications, indulge a hobby, meet with friends regularly, find a job that you love, do volunteer work. A woman who has seen and experienced much of the world becomes more interesting, more understanding, more accepting. A woman who’s kinder, more joyful, and more appreciative makes her attractive to her husband and kids—and to the rest of the world. 

PRIORITIZE. Perhaps you’re a hotshot mom, a mover and shaker in a high-powered job that earns you tons of money and allows you to travel the world.  However, that’s only one aspect of your life. “When faced with a dilemma or problem at work, ask yourself what your priorities are,” Capulong suggests. 

“Personally, I believe that in the end, people might forget what your career accomplishments are, but they will always remember how you are as a mother and whether you have raised your family well.”

To know more about the Pinoy parenting style, check out the May issue of Health Today, now available in the newsstands.


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Mommy Stress Busters
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