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Easy healthy eating tips

Healthy eating should be easy and enjoyable. You could even become passionate about it! To get you started, here are some easy-to-follow tips for healthy eating from Australia’s National Heart Foundation.

    • Choose variety. A key to healthy eating is to enjoy a variety of foods from a range of food groups.

    • Eat more cereals, bread, legumes, fruit, and vegetables. These foods should make up the bulk of each meal you eat. Add dried peas or beans, or tinned beans to two meals each week. Snack on fresh fruit and unsalted nuts.

    • Select healthy fats. Fats such as olive, sunflower, canola, and peanut oils are healthy options.

    • Choose margarine, not butter, and opt for low-fat milk and yogurt or soy products with calcium added. Eat fish at least twice a week and select lean meats when you shop.

    • Ease up on salt and alcohol. Stick to two or fewer drinks of alcohol a day. More than this increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Avoid eating a lot of salty foods such as commercial sauces, some snack foods, cured meats, and take away foods (limit these to once a week or less).

    • Stay with a healthy weight. Don’t go for crash diets. Instead, balance regular activity with healthy eating that matches your level of physical activity.

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