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Top 12 beauty favorites

Celebrating HealthToday’s upcoming second decade, we look back—and to the future, at the items many of us can’t do without.

By Anna Gamboa Gan


It’s nearly impossible to have gone through life in the past 18 years without having encountered these beauty products in one form or another. Whether they improve one’s appearance by hiding or banishing blemishes or highlight certain features, we’re sure that they’ll be around for many more years to come. And with the various personal care products for men and women available on the market, there’s bound to be more improvements or innovations just around the corner. 

Lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm can color, tint or care for our kissers, giving them a healthy or vibrant appearance. Available in almost every shade known to man—yes, even in non-traditional varieties like black, blue or green—lipstick is the most-often used item in a woman’s makeup arsenal, the color of which is often determined by a number of factors: her mood, the occasion, or what she may be wearing. Gloss is used by those who prefer to add on a sheen onto the vivid hue they’re already wearing, or just to add emphasis on naturally-vibrant lips. But tinted lip balm has its fair share of followers gaining over the years, especially among those who want to protect their lips from the elements, while retaining a healthy pink look. 

Eye makeup and mascara will always be a staple for ladies who want defined peepers with a dab of color. And if possible, they should be accompanied by long and lustrous lashes—the better for dramatic flutter. 

Cheek tint or blush ensures that anybody can still enjoy the bloom of youth—with the right application of color.  

Moisturizers and body lotions have similarly evolved over the years, developing a slew of serums or specialized creams employing collagen or other firming agents for the eyes, neck, hands or knees and feet—doing battle against cellulite, the ravages of time, the drying effect of soap or even the sun’s rays. The one practice that will never die, harking back from our grandmom’s era in the 20th century: putting on moisturizer or skin-repair creams at night, in the hopes of waking up to a refreshed appearance in the morning. 

BB creams, and their next-generation relatives called CC creams, combine a host of functions: they moisturize, prime or create an even skin tone as a light foundation or concealer, provide sun protection and some even work by whitening the skin or zapping blemishes or wrinkles—hence the name BB or blemish balm. You can thank mass economics and the Korean skin care craze for bringing to light something formulated in the 1960’s by a German dermatologist. 

Vitamin-enhanced skin care products are said to deliver the promise of giving your skin the benefits of antioxidants, to delay aging and fight any factors that may cause premature wrinkles. Found in various products—from facial washes, moisturizers and even facial masks—this is certainly one case of giving your outsides a dose of what you take for your insides. After all, some ladies used to swear by their nightly beauty routines involving the contents of a capsule of vitamin E slathered all over their face along with their favorite moisturizer. 

Sunblock- or sunscreen-enhanced beauty products are now the norm in this tropical country, where people want to avoid skin cancer or keep their complexion fair. Either way, it’s a win-win proposition when you consider that several types of melanoma can be avoided with the use of lotions or beauty products that have UV-blocking properties. 

Electronic skin cleaners or home exfoliating treatments now enable ladies to enjoy a light facial treatment conveniently at home. Utilizing sonic cleansing brushes, an electronic version of hand-held facial cleansing brushes, users often report that they experience better moisturizer absorption after one use and manufacturers bundle special formulas to go with specific brushes or models to treat skin ailments like acne.

Wondering what remaining items made it to the top 12? Grab a copy of the August issue of HealthToday from newsstands and bookstores!

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