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Doctors’ orders: the ultimate compilation


While medical trends seem to change with every new health find, some tried and true gems remain throughout the years. As your go-to health magazine, we’ve compiled a wealth of information to help empower you to healthy living—straight from our physician contributors and expert interviewees. If there was one piece of medical truth each would want you to remember, you’ll find that here.


On beating disease:


“Almost a third of people with high blood pressure do not know they have hypertension because they feel fine. Therefore, it is important to get regular checkups or at least do blood pressure monitoring.”

- Patricia Agunod-Cheng, M.D., cardiologist and HealthToday contributor


“Six of the top 10 killers of Filipinos, namely heart, vascular and chronic lung diseases; cancer; accidents; and diabetes, can be attributed to poor lifestyle choices.”

- Eugene Reyes, M.D., cardiologist


“Five or six out of 10 Filipinos are now using generic drugs. Generic medicines give patients, consumers, and different health institutions value for their money.”

- DoH Secretary Enrique Ona, M.D.


“Treatment won’t be effective for those who don’t ask for it.”

- Liss Mariano, M.D., psychiatrist and HealthToday contributor


“A good restorative night’s sleep is essential in maintaining good mental functioning.”

- Alejandro Diaz, M.D., FPNA, neurosciences consultant


On eating right:


“Maybe it’s mainly about vanity, but the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are manifold. Healthy weight decreases your chances of developing serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.”

- Yves Saint James Aquino, M.D., former HealthToday editor:


“For ordinary people who are not sick and are eating well, there is no need to take supplements. Eating well means [eating] a balanced diet. You will find the vitamins and minerals that you need in the food itself.”

- Ruby Frane, R.N.D.


“You have to do a lot of reading about the supplements you are taking. What may be good for

others may not be good for you. You have to be careful.”

- Paz Sales, R.N.D.


“The human body needs more than 40 different nutrients for good health. Choosing different kinds of foods from all food groups is the first step to obtain a well-balanced diet.”

- Donnabelle Faye Navarrete, R.N.D.


“If you eat more than [you] burn, then you gain weight. Diet and exercise go hand in hand.”

- Maria Bernadette Platon, R.N.D., clinical dietitian


Exercise commandments:


“Even when you subscribe to fad diets, if you do not exercise, you will still maintain the same weight because the body adjusts to the condition. … Exercise actually depresses appetite aside from increasing your energy expenditure and metabolism.”

- Celeste Tanchoco, Ph.D., chief of the Nutrition Science and Technology Division of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute


“For a whole-body workout, jogging or running will do. [Both] develop your lungs and heart, your entire cardiovascular system … and [they’re] good [for] endurance. [They] also develop your lower body muscles and [are] effective calorie burners.”

- Jam Ocampo, personal trainer


“Thirty minutes is the minimum, and for maintenance of your current fitness level only. If you really want to improve your health, you should spend more time exercising. It really is a lifestyle change that you should commit to.”

- JP Aragoncillo, fitness coach


“People are only focused on the expending of energy part, but the recovery is also part of the whole training. If you want to go farther, if you want to become faster, you have to apply it with rest. It’s like a bow and arrow, the more you pull back, the farther you can go.”

- John Christian Aniban, M.D., medical director with eXtribe, Inc.


“There is no easy natural way [to get] six-pack abs. It takes proper nutrition and a lot of discipline to do specific exercises for the belly.”

Pamela Aclan, R.N.D., clinical dietitian 

Health-seekers, find the rest of your definitive prescription—plus a treasure trove of articles on health, wellness, fitness and beauty— in the August issue of HealthToday magazine, available in bookstores and newsstands.

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