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Andi Eigenmann graces the cover of healthtoday february 2011

In everything she does, from keeping fit to her acting stints, adrenaline-charged Andi shares how she wants to always seize the day.


Life is looking good for Andrea Nicole Guck Eigenmann who at the age of 20 shines as one of ABS-CBN’s prime talents. By the time this issue comes out, her new teleserye Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, which she topbills with award-winners Ronaldo Valdez, Amy Austria, Coco Martin, Maja Salvador, and Lorna Tolentino, may be ruling the airwaves.

She comes by her gifts—the good looks and the talent—honestly. By now, everyone is aware that Andi is the only daughter of acclaimed actor Mark Gil and multi-awarded actress Jaclyn Jose. She is also part of the third generation of actors who are continuing the legacy started by actor/musician Eddie Mesa and seasoned character actress Rosemarie Gil. Michael de Mesa is Andi’s uncle. Cherie Gil is her aunt. Ryan and Geoff Eigenmann are her cousins. Gabby and Maxene Eigenmann are her half-siblings. “When it comes to showbiz, all of us are here,” Andi says of the Eigenmanns.


Fit for the cameras

Now that she is able to fulfill her passion for acting (“Prinsesa ng Banyera made me realize that I really wanted to be an actress,” she says.), the young Andi is doing her best to maximize her opportunities. For one, she takes care to maintain a healthy weight.

When she was in high school, Andi indulged in different sports such as basketball, gymnastics, and ultimate disc. She was also an avid dancer, having taken up ballet and street dancing. “But being active doesn’t help me to be physically fit because whenever I do sports —European pa ang blood ko—kumakain lang ako three times as much as I used to. Lalo lang ako tumataba, as in sobrang brusko. After I stop doing sports, I gain the weight, like the muscles turn into fat.”

Andi found out that a healthy diet was more effective. She sticks to white meat and eats plenty of vegetables. She limits her carb intake to only one-and-a-half cups of rice per day.

She also tries to avoid junk food and sweets—a big sacrifice for someone who confesses to having a sweet tooth. But just thinking of how the camera makes one look bigger by 10 pounds helps her to resist the urge to immediately consume a candy bar. “Eh, gusto ko ngang mag-artista eh! Papayag ba akong mag-artista kung pangit ako?” she says candidly. “Paano ko ma-aachieve ang goals ko?”

Unlike girls her age who are hardcore dieters, Andi doesn’t deprive herself of food. “Because the more I deprive myself of anything, the more I’d cheat,” she reasons. If her taping carries over to the wee hours of the morning, she eats a midnight snack for nourishment. She also still treats herself to a fastfood combo meal whenever she feels like having one. Andi simply compensates for the extra calories in the next meal. “For example, if I eat [fastfood meal] for merienda, I won’t eat dinner. If I want [fastfood meal] for dinner, then I’d eat a light lunch.”

The trick is to eat in moderation and control portions. “It’s not really going on a diet to lose weight. It’s a diet just to eat healthy,” she says.

Andi downs her healthy meals with water instead of soda. She also makes sure that she takes her last meal four hours before she goes to sleep. “Para magkaroon ng time ang stomach to burn the food,” she explains. Perhaps when her schedule permits, she will take up sports again, just for recreational purposes. “I really miss it. I want to play disc just for fun.”.

If you want to know more about how Andi Eigenmann’s lives the healthy life, grab a copy of HealthToday’s February 2011 issue!

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Andi Eigenmann - Feb 2011

Andi Eigenmann - Feb 2011
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  • Makeup | Kusie Ho
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