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The rising star goes deeper than physical beauty.


With her stunning looks, flawless skin, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from the De La Salle University in Manila, where she graduated cum laude, 24-year-old Carla Abellana is a rarity in show business. She has everything it takes to rise to fame—beauty and star quality—but she acts like she doesn’t know it.

Even her demeanor reflects her conservative upbringing. It may be because she remains a relative newbie, having started her career just a year ago.

But the hype that preceded her launch as the next big thing via the telenovela, Rosalinda, could have turned a lesser person’s head around. Not Carla, who remains unassuming and down-to-earth. GMA Network’s bedimpled sweetheart sat with HealthToday to talk about the very low-key life she leads off screen.

A Celebrity's Life

HT: You’re a public figure but what’s one thing that people, especially your fans, don’t know about you?

Carla: I’m an introvert, a very quiet person. Because of work, I get a chance to be very vocal and outgoing. But the real Carla is just a quiet person. If I have too much thought, anxieties, or worries, I write it down; that’s my way of releasing.

HT: Do you keep a journal?

Carla: I don’t have a journal. I write anywhere, on a piece of paper, kahit scratch paper lang, as long as I get to write. I’m a very simple, very quiet person lang.

HT: How did you overcome your introversion?

Carla: Mahirap. But I think showbiz [made me] … more adventurous, sociable. Mas naging open ako sa mga tao … not because I had to, but because it really helped.

HT: How do you deal with the pressures of showbiz?

Carla: To not think about it too much. Ang pressure nasa sa iyo rin ’yan, if you let it affect you, if you use it in a positive way, if you use it to your advantage. Kanya-kanyang strategy ’yan. But with me, I try not to … worry too much, para relaxed lang ako and I’m not as stressed.

Time for health

HT: What are your health habits, when it comes to food and physical exercise?

Carla: To be honest, I’m the least athletic person there is. With food, I can be particular. I eat anything but I also watch what I eat, making sure that I don’t eat too much of the bad stuff.

HT: So no physical activity at all?

Carla: Wala but hindi naman by choice but due to the lack of time. Every day I have work, I really don’t have the time to work out or go [to] the gym man lang ... But given the chance, oo naman, I would.

HT: Do you get tips from your parents on how to stay healthy?

Carla: None, my mom (former actress Rhea Reyes, daughter of 50s screen legend Delia Razon) is not health-conscious even if she’s supposed to be kasi she has kidney and  cholesterol problems. Kami ’yung normally nag-a-advise sa kanya, so it’s the other way around. We tell our parents what to watch out for, how to take care of their health.

But my dad (actor Rey “PJ” Abellana), constantly reminds me to eat healthy, to take care of myself. My dad is very fit. Though may times na nagiging heavy siya, tumataba siya, he’s very healthy. He plays basketball with his friends, he has a gym in his house, he lifts weights, he watches what he eats.

Seafood Goddess

HT: What’s your favorite food?

Carla: Seafood, kahit anong seafood, grilled or steamed. But if you’re talking about cuisine, my favorites are Italian, American, and Japanese. At least, lots of the healthy stuff pa rin. Like with Italian, anything that’s cooked with olive oil then lots of salad and fresh dressing. With Japanese, raw and fresh food. ’Yun ang hilig ko, sushi and sashimi. With American, every once in a while lang, when I need protein, so steak.


HT: How do you unwind? Do you have time to go out with friends?

Carla: I do, pero very seldom. I’d rather stay at home or [go to] my friend’s house. I don’t go out at night. I sleep. As artists kasi, every time we get the chance to, we sleep talaga. We rest. I’m a homebody. My way of unwinding is to stay in the house with my family. We watch DVDs, I read a book, I sleep as much as I can. I also get regular massages, foot spas, manicures, pedicures.

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  • Photography | DOC MARLON PECJO
  • Makeup | LEO POSADAS
  • Hair | WENG SONIDO
  • Styling | SIDNEY YAP

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