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What we love about Derek Ramsay

The unassuming heartthrob reveals secrets on how to maintain a sculpted physique and how to keep a stable relationship while staying in the spotlight.

By Ces Rodriguez

Effortless physique

Don’t hate Derek Ramsay because he’s beautiful. But you can be a little annoyed with him. Let’s start by stating the obvious: the guy is ripped. Five feet ten and a half inches, 175 pounds, and no real workout routine to achieve his chiseled state.

Okay, maybe just one: “The first thing I do when I wake up is do a hundred push-ups.” That’s as routine as it gets, since it’s been a hundred push-ups daily since high school. It functions like a caffeine kick and keeps him primed for the day ahead.

These days, though, he sometimes cheats and does only 50 when the showbiz plate is especially full. That was how it was in 2009 which, though appropriately grateful for what the showbiz world calls “blessings,” he hopes he won’t have to experience again. Wiki lists him doing six TV projects and at least three movies in 2009.

Another annoying statement: “Do I watch my diet? No. I eat a lotta rice, carbs, pork, fat, lechon.” He absolutely cannot live without rice. “If I don’t eat rice, I feel weak. I’m like a kargador. One subo ng ulam, like three [mouthfuls] of rice.”

The sporty one

And here’s the other skinny: the pecs, the abs, the terra firma glutes get to be what they are in spite of a major addiction to carbs because Derek runs. Runs when he engages in his favorite sport of Frisbee. He opens his palm and shows me an angry red gash.

During a recent tournament in Cebu, he says, “I chased the Frisbee, landed, and there was no grass so it’s all rubble, so I used my hand to save my fall, so tanggal lahat ng balat. This was just three days ago. And it hurts!”

But then I also notice another thing about his hand: they’re man hands, jock hands. The calluses are courtesy of golf, he says. So it’s his sporty lifestyle that shores up the lack of a routine workout.

Hotness combined

But you are also allowed to be annoyed about the fact that hot attracts hot. Derek and Angelica [Panganiban] are like Brad and Angelina, a combo so scorching this sentence should be vetted by fire marshals. No one stands a chance with Derek—of either gender, I might add—with The Girlfriend in the picture. And if one is to judge by what’s supposedly been going around the Internet, not if The Girlfriend can playfully and with casual aplomb grab ahold of The Boyfriend’s crotch in a leaked paparazzi shot of the couple in Boracay.

The titter it caused was short-lived, quickly replaced by the nip slip of another local artista or two. The couple’s cool response may also have been a factor. It was a private photo, they were adults, they were in a relationship; it wasn’t as if they needed to apologize to the world.

They are, in short, quite the modern couple. “I think the best thing about Angel and I is that we met each other, we liked each other, she’s a sexy actress and all that, I’m not suddenly gonna put rules on what she does.”

Can’t get enough of Derek Ramsay? Grab a copy of HealthToday June issue and find out more about how he maintains a fit body and a healthy relationship.

  • Photography | Ria Regino
  • Makeup | Cha Cuyong for Indigo Salon
  • Clothes | Oxygen
  • Art direction | Dr. Yves Saint James C. Aquino
  • Organized | Bernardette S. Sto. Domingo

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