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The art of the pool party

Forget the beach - celebrate in your own home or community.

By Aina Luna

MARCH 2012

Sometimes, going to the beach isn’t as appealing as it used to be. The cost of fuel, the crowd, the time and distance to be traveled, and the exhaustion it all brings make us want to take mini “stay-cations” to recover. The alternative: a poolside party.

Enjoyment: just add water

Whether at village clubhouse or within one’s condominium building, pool parties are meant to be fun gatherings. Sandy, a 30-year-old IT headhunter, says: “It’s really easy for me to have pool parties because our condo has a pool on the roof deck and my office is near my home.”

Bob, 36, who heads a software engineering division for a content provider, prefers pool parties because “aside from not having to drive all the way to the beach, packing up all kinds of paraphernalia and spending a fortune on gas, private pools tend to be more hygienic since, face it, water and environmental pollution on beaches are atrocious. Your personal and material safety is a big plus!”

Pool rules

Bob and Sandy serve alcoholic drinks at some of their evening pool parties, but Sandy almost always doesn’t drink since she’s usually the only one in the group who knows how to swim. She is also mindful of the nearest lifesaving flotation device in case one of her guests requires it.

If you have children at a pool party, avoid serving alcohol, since there may be a chance a minor may accidentally ingest something inappropriate—and have a designated adult supervise their pool games. Follow the guidelines regarding appropriate swimwear and minimize the horseplay.

Clean fun

If you bring beverages, don’t bring breakables and glasses. Instead, drinks in cans or plastic bottles, plates, cups, pitchers and utensils for food and beverages are good alternatives. Don’t litter and, if possible, leave the area as clean if not even cleaner than before you used it—bring your own garbage bags for a quick and easy cleanup.

Cheap and cheerful meals

Sandy and Bob almost always serve pizza at their pool parties, since one of them has a rewards card that grants them an extra pizza for every order. “It’s easy to have it delivered, easy to clean up after, easy to eat without utensils, it’s cheaper, it’s easy to serve and it goes well with any iced beverage.” Watermelons and cantaloupes are good, healthy choices at these gatherings since these rehydrate the body, are easy to wash away from your skin and, if served already cut, you only need to use your clean hands to eat them.

Sun protection

If you host a daytime pool party, get a few tubes of waterproof sun block for guests who may forget to bring some. Remind those who are photosensitive or with young children to avoid the sun between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Night swimming could be the better option, as long as the pool and shower areas have adequate lighting.

For more tips for this inexpensive but fun alternative to a beach party, get a copy of the March issue of HealthToday magazine, out now in newsstands and bookstores.

The art of the pool party
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